5 Different Types of Staircases

This page will get you to know the 5 different types of staircases. It is necessary especially when you have a plan to construct a new staircase or replace the old one. In addition to the flights, they can also be diverse according to the handrail and the additional components, including the length and width. Stairs have a dominant role to your home decoration. Therefore, choosing the right form of stairs will give a big impact on the whole interior appearance in your house. One thing not less important is selecting the material which can be produced of either wood or ceramic tile, or another material combinations. And these are several different types of staircases you should know.

5 different types of staircases

1. Straight Flight Staircases

Staircases with straight flights are the most common used in different types of houses in anywhere as we can easily find them. The straight staircases are mostly chosen because they are easy to assemble. Also, it makes less trouble when we move pieces of furniture from one floor to another. This form of staircase is divided into three sub-models; full-straight stairs, half landing stairs and quarter landing stairs. Look at the pictures below to know better.

2. Winder Staircases

A winder slightly looks like quarter or half landing stairs, but there are no additional landings on the curves. The treads are not placed straight across the trajectory. It has truly appealing looks and guarantee of convenience to step on. Winder stairs are formed in two options; single winder stairs and double winder stairs. Check the images to grasp better.

3. Arched Staircases

The shape of the flight seems like an arch. Archer stairs are simple but attractive. Although it has a simple appearance, but more difficult to construct since exact measurements of the treads and the handrail are vital.

4. Spiral Staircases

Even this one is more complicated as spiral stairs are formed circularly. Another advantage from installing a spiral staircase is that we can save more space. Spiral stairs, however, cost you higher for their complexity.

5. Compact Staircases

In view of saving space this kind of stairs is the winner even though it’s not really common today. Many people put aside compact stairs due to the safety matter.

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So which one do you prefer? Each person might have their own preferences so you just need to preserve your own outlook. That’s it for the 5 different types of staircases – have a great job.

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