7 Different Types of Wooden Dining Tables

There are several different types of wooden dining tables you should know before purchasing a new one. We will go through a few styles of dining tables based on the shapes. All of them might give the same in quality and value to your house, just depends on the wood used and the ornaments included. Some would rather choose round shape while the others prefer rectangular, square or even oval tables. Whatever it is, your job is just to comply your heart’s demand. Another key thing is to match the interiors in the dining room – think of what decor will be cool. Check out the 7 different types on wooden dining tables below.

Rectangular Wooden Dining Tables
This model is still the most common up to now. Big families tend to choose this style since rectangular dining tables are mostly constructed in large sizes. Highly recommended for those who have many family members.

Square Wooden Dining Tables
It’s similar to rectangular tables, the difference lies on the length of the sides. A square table consists of four sides that have equal footage, and often built in smaller sizes. Instead, rectangular ones are generally formed in bigger standards.

Triangular Wooden Dining Tables
It seems we all rarely find dining tables shaped in triangles. But some homeowners love it for unique designs. Often they install a triangular dining table outside since it can serve romantic dinner ideas.

Round Wooden Dining Tables
When we have to compare to the other models, round tables can be the second most popular after rectangular ones. If the interiors in the dining room are dominated by round-shaped furnishings this sort is the best choice.

Oval Wooden Dining Tables
Step up one tread oval patterns provide more charm. Many of them are designedly  in narrow-elongated configurations.

Folding Wooden Dining Tables
The most recent innovation of folding tables is not only found in living-room tables, but it’s been involved in dining table designs as well.

Wooden Dining Tables with Casters
If you love anything practical with less effort in transporting to install and later movements, the wheels are your heroes. Designed in elegant models, dining tables with casters absolutely serve you simple things in less work. The portable feature is adopted as its mainstay.

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That’s all for 7 different types of wooden dining tables you should know – hope you enjoyed it.

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